Create A Calming & COZY Living Space: The Art of Mixing Hard and Soft Elements

Are you looking for a way to make your home feel warm and inviting without feeling cluttered, claustrophobic or unfocused. Making a home warm and COZY is not created necessarily your style or design preferences (ex: minimalistic, farmhouse, traditional, eclectic, boho, etc.) but instead is more centered around a feeling you invoke in your space. This COZY and inviting feeling tone can be added to any home or space regardless of your design style or preferences if you able to master the art of mixing hard & soft and warm & cool elements.

Recently there has been an increase in the trend of mixing hard and soft elements in a space, such as a wooden statement candle on a side table next to a soft throw blanket draped across a chair. This blending of hard and soft has become a great way to create an inviting and COZY vibe in your home while still maintaining a clean and decluttered feel.

A great example of the beauty and simplicity of mixing hard and soft elements can be seen in instagram influencer Heather Casteel's beautiful farmhouse in Tennessee (IG:@practical.designs). In her home, Heather masterfully mixes hard elements such as beautiful wood beams and rustic hardwood floors with softer pieces such as an inviting rug, white slipcover sofa and a soft chenille chunky knit throw.

Casteel's home has a spacious open concept design so the selection of cohesive elements that compliment one another is essential. As Heather's COZY great room flows into her inviting kitchen, again you will see the use of cool soft colors, such as crisp whites mixed with warm elements such as her beautiful cutting boards, the natural wood beam above her cooktop or the perfect placement of a rustic hand-carved wooden bowl on her counter to balance out the space.

It is clear that creating an COZY space does not mean that everything in your home has so be soft. The examples above are just a few illustrations on how less can be more and the mixing of opposing element (ex: hard and soft) can create and warm and inviting space. 

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