Shag Faux Fur Throw


FEEL THE DIFFERENCE of this 50” x 60” shaggy ultra plush faux fur throw! This throw blanket features luxuriously high grade (long pile) faux fur to wrap you up in a sumptuous softness. It is super plush and cozy, our blankets WON’T shed/leave lint at all like other furry blankets and so soft you need to feel it to believe it!

This blanket is carefully crafted with 1.5" thick faux fur on the top side and smooth fleece on the backside, our blanket will take your home decor to a whole new level - Perfect accent piece to your living room, bedroom or balcony as a throw for couch or bed.

This throw blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the bed or couch. It is also great to your furniture from the pets’ fur, nails & claws.

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