Award Winning- Heatable Plush- Elephant

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Warmies® plushes are a top selling heatable plush toy that are not only cute but will keep your child comforted & warm all season! These animals are not only fun for play, but they also provide hours of soothing comfort. Each Warmies® plush is filled with warmable millet grains & gently scented with french lavender for an enhanced soothing experience.


-Plush Warmies®_ are approx. 13" in size and come with authentication tags as well as instructions for proper heating, cooling and freezing.

-Warmies® Juniors_ are approx. 9" and are smaller than the full-size Warmies but are just as cuddly and cute! They are great for younger children and infants to snuggle and enjoy!

All of these sweet heatable characters are gently scented with French lavender to provide comfort and relaxation. Warmies® & Warmies® Juniors can also be chilled and make a great little ice pack to comfort your little one’s boo-boos.


- What is your heatable plush made from?
All of Warmies® heatable products are designed using microwave safe, flame resistant fabric. The filling consists of microwave safe polyfill with natural millet grains & dried French lavender. All the materials have been designed specifically to be heated in a microwave.

- How should I heat my heatable plush product?
Each Warmies® plush toy is designed to be heated in a microwave oven only, NEVER heat an Intelex Warmies® product in a conventional or toaster oven. All products are clearly labeled with specific heating times for safe heating. For best results only microwave in a microwave with a turntable. Only heat from room temperature.

- How long will my heatable plush product stay warm?
Your heatable product should stay warm for at least one hour if heated correctly, longer if it is snuggled in a cozy bed!

- Can everyone use heatable products?
Heatable products can be safely used by all ages. We recommend that heatable products are not used directly with individuals who have poor circulation, insensitive skin, flaxseed, or lavender allergies. Heatable products can always be used as bed-warmers and then removed from the bed, if desired when an individual climbs in.

- Can I chill my heatable product?
YES! Just place your heatable product inside a plastic sealable bag and leave it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. You can then use it as a cold pack to relieve aches and pains or to cool a hot child.

- How can I wash my heatable product? The surface can be cleaned with a damp sponge.
Warmies® should never be immersed in water, as the filling will be damaged and your product will no longer be able to be warmed in the microwave safely.

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